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5 Ways Website Optimisation Can Triple Your Online Sales in 2019

E-commerce and online business transactions have grown rapidly since 1994 when the first online sale was recorded. Businesses leverage the wide reach of the internet to increase brand awareness and reach out to more customers – driving sales and making

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These Website Design Mistakes Are Scuppering Your Marketing Efforts

Even when you have the best product or service and a super marketing strategy to a company it, an improperly designed website can make it harder for you to achieve the marketing results you are aiming for. There are some

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Four Reasons Why the Bounce Rate of Your Website Is High

For a website to have a massive appeal, it has to have a fine blend of creativity, dynamism, simplicity, interactivity and excellence. It takes an experienced website designer to harness and incorporate these attributes while still maintaining an average bounce

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4 Essential Things to Know Before Hiring a Web Design and Branding Company in Ottawa

The website you design for your business plays an important role on whether or not you achieve your online marketing goals. To design a new website or redesign an existing one can be an expensive proposition. You need to make

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It’s the Way I Feel About You: (A Quick Guide to Making Great Website UX Design)

Websites are easy to create. Great websites are not. And with the more discerning tastes of the marketplace, coupled with increased functionality and content demands, putting together a stunning website is almost as demanding as dating; and when it comes

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Ottawa Search Engine Optimization

Why Your Business Needs Search Engine Optimization

Having an online presence these days is very important to the growth of a business. Large and small scale businesses rely on the internet to expand their customer base, and the level of attention a company’s website gets or will

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3 Ways to Create a Thriving Online Business

Find a product/service gap to fill A sure way of creating a successful online business, or any type of business for that matter, is by first finding a market niche to serve before going ahead to create a product/service. Most

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How Good Is Your SEO?

A few years ago, you didn’t need much to carve a niche for yourself online. Now, the competitive nature of doing business on the internet and the concerted efforts of search engines to produce only the most relevant results have

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Tips for Starting a US-based Business in Ottawa

After running and growing a business in the US, opening another in a place like Canada is not an easy fit. You will need more funds, staff, equipment, building, and resources to enable you thrive. If you already have a

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