Automotive SEO-How to Do it and Why

Getting your business to rank high in search results is difficult enough, but one of the most difficult and competitive industries to rank for in local SEO are car dealerships.

What is Automotive SEO?

If you sell cars, whether new or used, one of your goals is to increase the number of cars you sell. Automotive SEO is when you use the proper techniques and proven SEO strategies to increase the organic traffic that comes to your car dealer site, boosting conversions and sales.

Why do SEO for Your Car Dealership?

Shoppers research online before buying

These days, people do much of their research online before making any purchase. In fact, not everyone know they type of car they want, until they go online. When your site is properly optimized for search, potential buyers will find your site easily, get the information they need, and possibly buy from you.

SEO Gives You a Competitive Edge

When your car dealership site ranks higher than the competition in search results, it attracts more organic traffic and generates more clicks. This automatically translates into higher leads and better sales, much more than the competition that is not as optimized.

How Can You Do SEO for Your Car dealership?

Choose the best keywords

People looking for products online type in search criteria relevant to what they are looking for. The best way for your site to appear for searches like these is when you use content that contains these terms, this means doing proper keyword research.

Find out the keywords your potential customers are using to search for the products you sell and include it in your content.

Create Great Content

It is no secret that top quality content is the fastest way to become an authority on the internet. When planning for your automotive SEO, use content that your potential customers are looking for. For example, if you sell used Mercedes Benz cars, writing an article on how to buy second-hand Mercedes cars will attract potential buyers to your website.

Observe SEO best practices

According to John Bright of FullView, Search Engine Optimizations Services in Ottawa, “There are many things that can kill your SEO efforts despite your best efforts. For example, you can use relevant keywords and have great content, but a slow website will affect the success of your website.”

It is vital that you keep up to date with the latest SEO trends so that you can remain ahead of the competition. Also, when optimizing your site for search, make sure that all you do is relevant to your industry, because search crawlers do not understand as humans do, so you have to make it clear that your business sells cars and not computers when doing SEO.

In SEO, the winner takes all

Research suggests that the average car shopper will only visit two dealerships before buying a car. This makes it even more important for car dealerships to rank high in local search results.

Thankfully, with the right approach and the right team, you can achieve high SERP rankings for your automobile website.

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