These Website Design Mistakes Are Scuppering Your Marketing Efforts

Even when you have the best product or service and a super marketing strategy to a company it, an improperly designed website can make it harder for you to achieve the marketing results you are aiming for. There are some web design mistakes that only end up pushing your target audience towards the competition.

Jack Conley at Full View, one of the best Web Design Companies in Ottawa and Ontario, says “your website is the first place your customers will likely land. You need to make a lasting impression if they are to become paying customers.”  From poorly designed user interfaces to unformatted text, there are lots of web design mistakes that can send your customers elsewhere.  This piece takes a look at some of them.

Excess Clutter

If your website is filled with lots of winding content, affiliate ads, pop ups and all other such details, you may not be able to get across the message you have on the page. Additionally, you may end up losing the trust of the customer instantly.  Such heavy clutter also often leads to slower load times for your website. The slower load time will increase the number of people quitting your site before the page has fully loaded. Their actions will be translated by Google as your site not being valuable.

Confusing Call to Action

The best websites clearly direct users towards a specific path to achieve a desired goal. With an unclear Call to Action, you users may be confused on what they are looking for in a specific page. Your CTA needs to be clear and visible across the right spots on your website.  Above the fold or at the end of a description are the best places. Intrusive CTAs end up having the opposite effect on your customers.

Poor Image Choices

The marketing world today, is highly visual. The need for high-quality and relevant images on your website cannot be overemphasised. Customers equate high-quality images with brand trust and it enhances their overall engagement on a site.  This is doubly so for brands in the e-commerce space. So invest in the multimedia content displayed on your site. Stock photos or generic marketing photos will not have the same impact as original multimedia content created with the customer in mind.

Ignoring Mobile Friendliness

If your website is not mobile friendly in the current world, you will not just miss out on prospective clients but also suffer be ranked poorly on Google.  The number of mobile users in the web space exceeded the number of desktop users in 2016. Google took note and have rolled out a mobile-first index that places emphasis on mobile rankings.  Not sure if your website is mobile friendly? Use Google’s Mobile-Friendly tool.

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