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How Web Design Affects Conversions

If you think web design is strictly about the aesthetics of a website, you are mistaken. Web design goes beyond making your blog look pretty with matching colour schemes and cute typography. In the right hands, it becomes a useful

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Top Professional Design Trends for Business Websites In 2017

Every year, the web design industry advances with new creative and performance-enhancing features to help website improve user experience while remaining relevant and inspirational. This year is already showing proofs of huge potentials for websites that gravitate with the trend.

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The “High Man” Story: Why Every Company Needs To Get Branding Right

By Peter Forsythe Recently I was driving around my neighbourhood when I spotted a new bright orange minivan with an eye-catching logo emblazoned across the side. “High Man”. Those two words were neatly placed around a colourful circle with a

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The Hottest 2017 Web Design Trends for Digital Entrepreneurs

In its latest report on trends and financial access in digital entrepreneurship, Ernst & Young rated Canada overall number one and the best in the world in providing supporting structures that assist young online entrepreneurs access finance. And no city

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Why Do Ottawa Realtors Choose FullView Design?

Benefit # 1. You Create and Leverage Your Own Personal Brand and Stop Being  Invisible By creating your own feature-rich website you stop being invisible to people trying to find you online. The R-O-B-O effect is where customers are learning

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Typography Is The Foundation Of Web Design

What is the secret to good Ottawa Web design? A tough question and one that might not have an answer. In 2006, Oliver Reichenstein wrote Web Design is 95% Typography. Some people loved it, others were not so amused. If

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10 things Android phones do better than the iPhone

We all know the iPhone, know how it works (or doesn’t work, in many instances). We know there is an app for just about every possible task on the planet. But an Android phone? You don’t really know an Android

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25+ Must-have Chrome extensions

For many web designers and developers, Firefox is unsurpassable. For others, Firefox eats Chrome’s dust. For the past two years, since Google Chrome’s release, there’s been a raging debate on which browser is superior. Mozilla’s open source product has stood

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Free Xmas Graphics

Christmas is coming and it’s just the right time to add a snowman to your letterhead or an icon in your email signature. Download one of these icon packs to add some holiday cheer here and there…   Smashing Mag.

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