The Hottest 2017 Web Design Trends for Digital Entrepreneurs

Web Design Trends

In its latest report on trends and financial access in digital entrepreneurship, Ernst & Young rated Canada overall number one and the best in the world in providing supporting structures that assist young online entrepreneurs access finance.

And no city epitomizes the qualities that stamps Canada in E&Y’s top ranking index for digital entrepreneurship.

The result also goes to indicate the competitive nature of the digital business field in Canada; and more specifically in Ottawa. And that is why leading and visionary businesses in the city are always seeking out companies that can guarantee real professional website design in Ottawa.

The website design industry continues to evolve with eye-popping trends; some fading off, some re-created, and others entirely invented.  These new trends are mostly influenced by current styles and realities in fashion, cultural events and some new phenomenon.

The objective often is to make the website look more irresistibly charming without diminishing contents or general functionality. So, what are the hottest trends for professional website design for businesses in 2017?

Bold typography

The big, bold typography is currently ruling the web space and more and more companies are demanding that their web designers incorporate the trend in a creative way. It is more prominent and catchy when it anchors the homepage and with minimal elements around it.

Hidden navigation and pop-out menus

At a time the number of people who access websites on the mobile is fast outstripping desktop web users, the screen space is everything.

Modern web designers have started rethinking how the navigation and homepage menus can function better and more minimalist for a richer user experience. The trick? Hide it to make space for more enjoyable elements like images and videos while at the same time remaking the navigation and pop-menu to be sleeker.

Customized Google map

It is common sight to see the Google map of a business when you search for it on the search engine. But there’s one problem: they all almost look similar; which could devalue the purpose.

Not many digital entrepreneurs and even website designers know the Google map can be customized during the website construction. So, there! Now, you know.

So, how about customizing your Google map to incorporate more style and your brand elements? Coo, right? After all, it is very essential in guiding clients who want to visit your physical address; and this offers a great opportunity to make a good, lasting impression on their minds.

More creativity with GIFs

Yes; it’s true that abusing Gifs and animations can damage your website’s user experience. But if professionally and creatively applied, Gifs can bring some spark and movement to your website and instantly shoot up its appeal.

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