Why Businesses Need to Start Paying Attention to Conversational UI

As much as you might want to commission a web designer to get your website up and running without having to worry about the details, your business has to be involved and in fact, have a basic understanding of certain elements that matter in web design. One of those elements is the user interface (UI), which in fact goes beyond what your customers see on their screens when they visit your website.

Your UI has to do with the way users engage and interact with your organisation, your message, and your brand, and it includes both your digital and physical touchpoints. However, we will focus on digital touchpoints, for the purpose of this article.

What is conversational UI and why should you care?

Conversational UI takes things a step further by allowing users to interact with your business on human terms when previously, they were limited to clicking icons or entering syntax-specific commands. The most widely-known use of conversational UI today is it allows users to chat with either bots or humans.

Businesses stand to gain a great deal by implementing the technology because it provides an extra touchpoint for customers to connect with them more intimately and conveniently than ever before. Also, it is likely to become the default system later, given that industry leaders are strongly focused on creating a whole new generation of conversational interfaces.

If you are looking for a website design & development agency in Ottawa, you should be intent on finding one that understands the trends and can help position your brand to enjoy the benefits of deploying conversational interfaces.

Forms of conversational UI

  • Chatbots

The origin of chatbots can be traced all the way back to the 1960s when the first chatbot stimulated conversation using natural language processing. The technology has a come a long way since then and can now be deployed in a number of productive ways.

Chatbots have become so popular because they feel more natural than apps, make personalisation easy, and don’t require users to download a separate mobile app. Also, there is no need to learn a new skill in order to interact with most chatbots.

  • Voice Interfaces

Voice recognition systems make it possible for users to interact with computers using their voice. Voice search on Google is only one of the ways this technology is being deployed. The advantages of using voice interfaces include the speedy communication, convenience, personality, and accessibility. Also, it is an easier and more natural way of interacting.

Chances are conversational interfaces are going to be more important in the coming years, so why not get on the train now than struggle to get aboard later?

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