4 Essential Things to Know Before Hiring a Web Design and Branding Company in Ottawa

The website you design for your business plays an important role on whether or not you achieve your online marketing goals. To design a new website or redesign an existing one can be an expensive proposition. You need to make sure you ask the right questions when hiring a web design company. With lots of options available, it is difficult to decide on the right web design company to choose.

To help you make the right choice, here are the things you need to know before hiring:

  1. How long has the Company been Working?

Experience is an important aspect in choosing a web design company. If the team has been creating content for 2 years or more, it is safe to say they are goal oriented and can give you the web solution you need.

  1. What Services does the Company Offer?

In addition to web design, a web design company may offer other services such as PPC management, search Engine Optimization, and copy-writing. Each of these services requires a different skill set. A company might be good in one of them, and not so good in the rest. Know the services they offer, and ask for samples of previous works they have done for other businesses. Seeing the design style of previous works will help you decide how good they are in web designing.

There are many web design companies in Ottawa offering a lot of services. Do not assume a company is good at web designing just because they offer a lot of other services. You need to choose an Ottawa Web Design and Branding Company based on the quality of previous works they have accomplished. Be sure to check for properties like how easy it is to navigate the site, if the design is modern, and how it fits the business style for which it was designed.

  1. Can They Build a Responsive Site?

Almost 50% of website traffic now comes from mobile phone and tablet users. Having a responsive site means the site dimensions can change, and respond to the screen size of the device on which it is viewed. It is important to know if the web design company can make your site “mobile ready” before hiring them.

  1. How long will it take the Company to get the Job done?

The time it will take to complete a web design job depends on the scope of work that needs to be done. How fast you provide the company with the needed texts and information plays a role. You need to discuss this with them, and also ask what will happen if they don’t meet up with the agreed date.


The design of your website can attract potential customers to take a look at your business. You need to place importance on choosing the right web design company to handle this crucial aspect of your business.

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