You’re Website, Your Brand

Whether it’s a small start-up, a thriving SME, or a huge conglomerate; a website is a fundamental tool they all have and maintain for the main purpose of communicating with their clients and reaching out to prospective customers. With over 3 billion people in the world now internet users, it is not excessively ambitious to think that a website is more than likely to be visited by at least one person. When a prospective buyer or customer enters a company’s URL into the address field of the browser, one can assume that they are either making an enquiry or willing to conduct a purchase. However, you should know that even the slightest of inconvenience experienced on a website can dissuade an internet user from proceeding further into the site.

It is important to see your company’s website as an extension of its brand, and a medium to convey this brand to millions of people across the globe. With over 1 billion websites out there on the internet, there is fierce competition to garner the attention of internet users. Remember, only people who are aware of the existence of your product or service can become your clientele; and the best way make people harness interest in what you’re selling is to propagate your brand to them wherever they are.

And with websites becoming a massive tool at the forefront of Digital Marketing, attaching your brand to the pages of your internet rep is a wise decision to take

How to Brand Your Website

“Before even thinking about the aesthetics of your company’s website, you must first iron out its functionality.” This is according to Fullview Design, an Ottawa Web Design and Branding Company.  There is no point in a website being as pretty as a unicorn if it fails to take users to the appropriate pages they click on or displays contents very poorly on mobile devices. Your website developer must ensure that the mechanics of the website are at an optimum level. Trust me, when internet users enter a website whose serviceability is top notch, they are more likely to assume that its owners are likewise competent.

When the functionality of your website is settled, then the next course of action is to extricate the core contents of your company’s brand into your website. This basically involves embedding an identity into the elements of the site.

A company’s website is like a mouthpiece, cajoling clients to patronize the company’s product or hire them for their services; and a mouthpiece will only be able to tell a persuasive story if it is equipped with the vision and purpose of its voice. Work with your web consultant to ensure that the messages you intend to pass across to prospective patronisers are convincingly illustrated on the web pages of your site.

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