Should You Hire a Local or Remote Web Design Firm?

When beginning a website project, you will inevitably have to decide on a web development company that best serves you need, and whether to hire a local or offshore firm. With a broad variety of options to choose form, you might be wondering why you should go for a local web company.

And that’s a valid query as there are so many offshore options for your web development project. Sometimes, they might even be cheaper. But besides the fact that low prices are often bait you pay for in the long run, hiring a local vendor gives you the clear advantage of meeting and developing a good working relationship with their team. You likely could get to talk with the developer, designer, and content writer. That will give you a sense of a personal touch and confidence as you can actively be a part of and track the operation.

But with offshore operations, you may never be able to talk with the team as they often have a different time zone and schedules. Communications can be an issue too as they may not speak your language.

However, spreading your net in your search for a top web development firm that specifically matches your requirements gives you a wider pool of “talents” to choose from; and you may not get the right calibre of web development in your area.  That’s a good thing because you should never sacrifice quality on the altar of convenience.

So, while a face-to-face business relationship is always the best option for the savvy entrepreneur, you must first and foremost base your choices on the calibre of the web development company. You will only be guaranteed satisfaction and peace of mind if the web team handling your project is competent and effective, regardless of their location.

But in the events that these variables are constant or relatively constant between a local or remote web development companies, then your best bet is a local business partner. With a similar background and knowledge as you, a local, expert firm will better be able to help you in the market. And you won’t have to struggle with differences in time, language, legal issues and other misunderstanding on other basic assumptions.

In essence, hire a web design firm in the US or Canada if your business is based in North America. And even better and more specifically, hire a website design and development company in Ottawa if it is based in Ottawa.

Of course, if a better option is in Australia or the UK, and there are no similar alternatives in your country or region, then go for it. Keep in mind that a web developer in London may not be able to create an online experience that will satisfy consumers in Ottawa, Ontario, New York or Boston. They may not fully and effectively grasp the nuances of connecting with clients and consumers across cultures. If you ignore these key factors, you may eventually pay the price with missed sales opportunities.

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