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Automotive SEO-How to Do it and Why

Getting your business to rank high in search results is difficult enough, but one of the most difficult and competitive industries to rank for in local SEO are car dealerships. What is Automotive SEO? If you sell cars, whether new

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Four Reasons Why the Bounce Rate of Your Website Is High

For a website to have a massive appeal, it has to have a fine blend of creativity, dynamism, simplicity, interactivity and excellence. It takes an experienced website designer to harness and incorporate these attributes while still maintaining an average bounce

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Ottawa Search Engine Optimization

Why Your Business Needs Search Engine Optimization

Having an online presence these days is very important to the growth of a business. Large and small scale businesses rely on the internet to expand their customer base, and the level of attention a company’s website gets or will

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How Good Is Your SEO?

A few years ago, you didn’t need much to carve a niche for yourself online. Now, the competitive nature of doing business on the internet and the concerted efforts of search engines to produce only the most relevant results have

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3 Amazing Ways to Optimize Your Website to Get Higher Search Engine Rankings in Ottawa

  SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is a way of getting your website and its contents easier for people to find them, on search page results. It is a known fact that ranking high on search engines is

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The design of your website does affect your SEO ranking

For better or worse, how your website performs in search engine results is significantly affected by the website’s design. But how? The importance of the design of your website cannot be overstated, most especially if the website has been designed

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